How to run an effective meeting in 2021

By KatieMarch 22, 2021


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'meetings' is probably a large room filled with people in chairs, papers strewn across tables, and a speaker droning on about something.

Some companies have meetings all day long. And while it's important to keep everyone up-to-date and aligned with company goals, running around meeting after meeting can take its toll on your employees--and your business as well. In fact, research shows that managers spend an average of 11 hours per week in meetings (that's over 3 days each month!).

Running an effective meeting can be challenging. There are a lot of factors that go into making this happen, and if you're not careful, it can lead to a disastrous outcome. This blog post will explore some tips for running a productive meeting with your team members so that you can get the most out of them.

Do you have a meeting coming up that you are dreading? Perhaps it's because some people will be attending the meeting while others will not. In this blog post, I'll show you how to invite only those who need to be there at the meeting so that everyone is on an equal playing field and no one feels left out of something important.


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Make sure you have a clear goal for the meeting

"When you want to accomplish something in a meeting, it is important to know what that goal is. One of the most common goals for meetings is simply to have a discussion on an idea or project and get feedback from different people on your team. Other times we may want to make decisions about projects or assign tasks."


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Invite only those who need to be there

Meetings are one of those things that can't be avoided. Whether you're meeting with your employees or a client, everyone has to be there. The problem is, meetings take up a lot of time, and many times don't accomplish anything meaningful. That's why it's important for business owners to understand the importance of having an invite-only meeting in order to save as much time and energy as possible.

When it comes to virtual meetings, there are a few different options that you can choose from. The first option is the traditional video conference call, where one person speaks at a time, and everyone else listens in. This type of meeting is usually recommended for smaller groups or when the speaker doesn't want to be interrupted often by those who have questions or comments. The second option is an audio-only teleconference which will allow all participants to speak at once, and each person can hear what others are saying as well as see them on their computer screen if they're using web conferencing software such as Skype. You might choose this type of meeting when you're working with a large group and want everyone to be able to discuss ideas without having interruptions.


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Set an agenda and stick to it

You may be thinking that you can wing your next meeting, but this is a huge mistake. Meetings are an essential part of the business world, and they should never be taken lightly. The first step to holding successful meetings is setting an agenda for them in advance - and sticking to it!

There are two times in life when you need to set an agenda: The first is before a meeting. The second is before your day starts. Most of the time, we know what we want to accomplish at the start of our day but have trouble sticking to it as things get busy and new ideas come up. This can lead people to lose focus on their priorities and goals for the day.


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Start on time, even if no one else is present yet

Have you ever been in a meeting with someone who is late? You're feeling the pressure to start without them and spend your time waiting for them. This wastes your time and theirs, plus it creates an awkward situation where you might not be able to get back on track once they finally arrive. The solution is simple: just wait a few minutes before starting the meeting if no one else is present yet. The chances are that everyone else will be right behind, so there's no need to rush things or waste any more of anyone's precious time!


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Keep your meeting short and focused on its stated purpose

"It's easy to get carried away in a meeting. You may be tempted to ramble on about something that isn't necessary, or you might have too many people in the room talking at once.

A boring, time-consuming, and often fruitless meeting can really put a damper on your day. There are many steps you can take to make meetings less of an ordeal for everyone involved. For example, don't schedule unnecessary or unnecessarily long meetings. Ensure the meeting has to value for everyone involved by planning it early and sharing the responsibility of keeping the meeting focused with others in the room. To keep all your team members informed, Take notes and follow up with action items. This way, everyone will be up-to-date with the latest information and know where to focus their attention next. Lastly, if you have a long meeting planned that will require breaks, don't forget to plan them!

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