Call Answering Service

How it works, getting started is easy

Fast and easy to set up, No card details required- all calls answered in the UK
1.Tell us about your business.
The more you can tell us, the better a service we can provide. How would you like your calls answered, and what should our virtual receptionists aim to do with each call handled? This can range from what details you would like us to collect to transfer some or all calls or even access your online diary.
2. Divert your calls.
We will provide you with a unique divert number. This is how our systems identify calls for your company, and our operators can answer accordingly. You are always in control of what calls we answer, whether that’s all calls, when your lines are busy or if the call is unanswered at your end.
3.Get back to growing your business.
Our team of UK based virtual receptionsist are always ready to answer your calls in the name of your company with a native English, professional voice. They will transfer any call to you like an internal receptionist would, or take messages for later that can be emailed immediately after the conversation ends.

Be confident that you're providing excellent customer service to your customers.

Create a more personal connection between your company and the customer by answering all their questions in real time

You can focus on what matters most because we take care of your customers.


Of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back


Of customers will switch companies because of poor customer service


Of callers give up after they’re kept on hold for too long


Of Customers prefer human-to-human interactions like phone calls

I'm sure you're wondering what happens at the end of your free trial?

Shortly before the end, we'll contact you to recommend a call answering package that reflects how many calls our team took for you during your free trial period. Provided you wish to continue with our service, there will be no disruption at all. If this isn't the solution for your business needs, there’s absolutely no commitment and nothing to pay.
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